- Kekova tour with a boat departing from Kas is a must. You can also try Saklikent Jeep Safari on other days.

-The best croissants in Kas at N8 Bakery Cafe. 

- In the evenings, it is not a Kas vacation without spending time in the taverns and after-dinner bars around Uzuncarsi.

- If you want to get away from the crowds of the center, you should have dinner at Buyuk Cakil Beach at sunset. Eating at the tables placed on the pebbles, right at the bottom of the sea, accompanied by the sounds of waves and the evening sun setting with different colors every day will be an unforgettable memory. 

- Watching the sunset is a tradition in Kas. The best spots to watch the sunset are: Büyük Çakıl Beach, the Ancient Theater and the breakwater. There are also classic places to visit for sunset in terms of scenery: Dejavu, Queen, Derya Beach...

- To swim in the sea, be sure to visit Limanagzi, which is reached by a boat departing from Kas Port. There are different beaches serving here. The cooperative boat docks whichever one you want. It's like going to an island...

- Kas Marina is undoubtedly the most spacious, clean and organized place in Kas. If you want to get away from the crowds of the center, you should throw yourself here. The restaurants in the marina are open from breakfast to dinner. Don't miss Oxygen Pub where you can listen to good music. 

-If you want to experience far eastern cuisine on the terrace of Hideaway Hotel with a beautiful view, Renk's Koi Sushi is definitely the right address. The salmon tartare is a must try... 

- There are many important ancient cities and museums to see around Kas. If you have time, I suggest you visit a few of them. Then the most affordable way would be to buy a Museum Card. You can easily get a Museum Card from any museum box office. With this card, you can enter all museums and archaeological sites in Turkey for free for 1 year. If you enter the same archaeological site more than twice a year, you need to get a Museum Card again. 

- If you have a visa, you should definitely go to the Greek island of Meis, 20 minutes away from Kas. It is a very cute, small island and you can see every part of it with a day visit. In 2024, it is also possible to enter the Greek Islands with a visa at the door. To get a visa at the door, you need to have all the documents ready at least 5 days in advance. 

- Kas amphitheater is a special place where you can sit with your own drink especially at sunset.

-When it comes to dessert, you should definitely give O'lala Cafe's desserts a chance. Sinem has already become the most popular place in Kaş in a short time with her quality ingredients and special recipe cakes (vegan, raw, etc.). Medovik cake is delicious.  

-Be sure to try the seafood saganaki while you're at the regular Manos Greek Taverna. 

-If you want to have an elegant and special dinner experience in Kas, I recommend you to go to Capra Cukurbag, Tasra Restaurant and Maya Steak House by making a reservation in advance. 


- Dejavu, one of the oldest bars in Kas, is one of the best places to listen to music not only in Kas but also in Turkey with the quality rock and alternative music played by DJ Anıl.

- Gagarin is one of the special places to dance and hang out, playing good pop songs from the old days. For years, it has also been the place where visitors to Kas end the night. 

- I've never had anything like the katmer with tahini at Aysun Pastry Shop in the center.

- Butka's home-cooked food is second to none.

- Papilio is a must-see shop with its designer clothes and ambiance.

- Lal Atelier is an oasis for those who love minimalist, geometric jewelry.

- Be sure to eat the pancakes made by Kas women at the open market in the center on Fridays.

- Mavi Bar is a Kas classic with its 30-year-old posters on the walls, unchanging DJ and colorful chairs, be sure to stop by.

- Everything at Hold&Bite is delicious, be sure to stop by.

- Tzatziki Meyhane is a very pleasant tavern in the center of Kas, where a mother and her two daughters welcome you like a guest, with great appetizers.

- When it comes to the legendary Kas Tava ice cream, find Ehlikeyf Restaurant and experience the whole show in front of him.

- Pisi lovers, find the only breakfast place with the name Pişi and get your fill of pişi.

- Stop by Payam Spa, Welness & Drinks for a hammam, massage and healthy drinks in the center.

- When it comes to activities in Kas, Bougainville, Tatil Sihirbazı and Mavi Kaş agencies make a difference with their years of experience.


-Electric charging stations in Kas: There is an AC input charging station at Setur Marina, an AC input charging station at Cukurbag Peninsula and a DC input charging station at Agullu.

-Charging stations in Kalkan: True Blue Hotel has a charging station with AC input.

-There is a gas station at the entrance of Kas center and Kalkan center. 

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