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A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain and shorthens the muscle. It is possible to find these contracted nodules in the taut muscle bands and eliminate them by various pressure techniques (along with the receiver’s breathing and awareness) with trigger point massage. Postural disorders, working conditions and accidents create muscle knots in the body, causing excessive muscle strain. Unless these nodes are resolved, they reveal signs of pain, retention, numbness, weakness, disfunction in various parts of the body. Trigger point massagehelps thes knots to open and restore normal body performance.




Thai massage is an approach which is willing to heal the health of the human body and mind under the influence of Far Eastern Philosophy. Technically; it maintains to balance of the energy flow in the body through pressing the points of energy channels and helps joints to be flexible and movable by containing passive yoga postures. It is an effective massage that helps to decrease the problems of joints and muscles and lots of physical deseases. Nowadays most of the technics that physiotherapists use is coming from the source of Thai Massage. At the end of a Thai Massagesession you feel renewed and your channels of energy has opened.




Reflexology relies on the principle that all of the organs of the body have reflection regions on the foot. When these regions are stimulated, the healing mechanisms of the body get activated. It's a supportive therapy that's effective in both acute and chronic diseases. It helps to ease headaches, digestive and immune system problems, menstruation and other health problems.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage      Sunshine Massage School    |   Chang Mai    |   Thailand 2016

Foot Reflexology      Sunshine Massage School    |   Chang Mai    |   Thailand 2016

Therapeutic Thai Massage      Sunshine Massage School    |   Chang Mai    |   Thailand 2017

Yoga Instructor Training 200 Hours       Advayta Yoga / Zeynep Aksoy   |   2020


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