Me You Us

Me You Us

You are warmly invited to the workshop of movement and dance among the Olive trees and in the hidden nature of the Sunderland Valley. 

If you want to be a child again, learn to walk again, get excited, meet and experience production as a solo or group for 3 days by dancing and having fun.

Join us!

Me You Us

This workshop is a journey of meeting with yourself and getting to know yourself by movement.

The purpose of this 3 day workshop is to remember and to re-experience the journey which starts from physical  ME goes to YOU and then goes to US by modern dance technics with the help of participants and contact with ourselves.

The workshop content:

First Day: Me

With Bartanieff technic and through  personal and group improvisations, we will be remembering the process of the human child who came into this world incomplete and realised the walking,running,dancing  and becoming a physical Me.

Second Day: You

Once again with the help of Contemporary Dance technics and Laban movement analysis, we will be experiencing the story of the little human child who gets in the social life and meets with the other humans who acts and behaves different than him/her.

Third Day: Us

Through careography and solo works, we will be exploring the physical story of a human being, while experiencing melting within the unision of a group which moves together and at the same time being an individual while being a part of the whole.

Each class of the workshop is 2 hours so in total workshop duration is 6 hours.

Güneş Çağlar:

Graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Modern Dance department in 2008. He took part in various projects and worked in schools in Turkey and abroad as an actor, dancer, director and teacher. 

He continued to lead dance workshops and research on the healing effect of dance with breathing therapy  training. 

For further information and reservation

Tuba Unat:

0536 8360808

Güneş Çağlar

0539 4524394

Sunderland Valley adress:

Andifli mahallesi. Çetikli Küme Evler no: 42 Kaş  ( Above Büyük Çakıl Beach )

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